Timber Windows

Timber is the material of today; Natural with honest charm and character and fast becoming the preferred choice of homeowners.

Whether it’s Contemporary or Traditional timber windows, we specialise in providing a seamless service to homeowners seeking to upgrade and add value to their homes.

We are passionate about the difference that real wood can make to your home; our suite of products has lead the market in the breadth of application, uniqueness of design, quality of construction and performance in use.

Installing well-made, well-specified timber windows and doors can really enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Cottage Casement – 10% more light

Our Urbane collection is clean with understated lines and crisp modern architectural ironmongery this is the timber window free of period chintz.

  • Available in Flush or Stormproof formats it meets today’s performance expectations.
  • Designed to resist warping and twisting, high security locking systems, high performance paint coatings with maximum protection for minimum maintenance.

Traditional Sash Windows

Our range of sash windows is as comprehensive selection as you will get anywhere in the UK. The six standard formats provide great dimensional flexibility enabling sensitive replacement in a wide variety of applications including bay windows. Our box sash reproduces faithfully the simple grace of English sash windows progressively developed from early use by Wren through their peak of elegance in the late Georgian period and in common usage by the Victorians and Edwardians.

  • The dimensions of our sash frames, meeting rails and glazing bars have been made slim with traditional mouldings subtly modified to suit modern construction technology.
  • Box Sash Size is available in two depths standard at 176mm and slim sash at 142mm.
  • The slim sash is the slimmest traditional sash window available in the UK allowing the window to finish flush with the original plaster lines without projecting into the room.
  • The slim sash carries narrower double glazed units but maintains the same level of insulation by using high performance crypton gas between the glasses.
  • Weights and smooth running chains available in brass or stainless steel are most popular and provide a very pleasing gliding action as well as an interesting design feature.
  • Weights and cords for the purist prestretched to accommodate the weight of double glazed units. Sash windows can be hung on spring balances which is particularly useful in modern buildings without sufficient rebate to accommodate a full sash box.
  • Quadruple draught strips stop rattles and extremely high insulation glazing units minimise heat loss and down draughts.
  • Decorative sash horns are an option for the bottom of the top sash externally and/or the top of the lower sash internally.
  • Colour match architraves and window boards internally.

Shaped Frames

Available in Black, Chrome, Brass or Urbane (stainless steel).


Our windows are fitted with advanced security locks which wrap around openers (flush casements), engaging bolts in multiple points on sashs.

Energy Ratings

Our windows come with an ‘A’ rating making them the most energy efficient windows available in the UK. Simply put installing our timber windows ensures the highest possible performance in terms of;

  • Help to contain and conserve heat within the building.
  • Keeping out the wind.
  • Resisting condensation.
  • Improved sound insulation.

Technical Details

  • Factory applied microporous coatings provide maximum protection with minimal maintenance.
  • Internal beads for security.
  • Neat coloured silicone seals.
  • Rebate glazing beads eliminate unsightly gaps between the frame and bead.
  • Multilayer timber sections with opposing grains, balances warping and combats twisting.
  • Glazing units almost twice as effective as ordinary double glazing.
  • Exceptional optical clarity.
  • Warm edge spacer bars.
  • Drainage and ventilation channels help prevent double glazing from Misting.