Aluminium Doors

Your Complete Aluminium Solution

Your complete aluminium solution – windows, bi-folding doors, sliding patio doors, entrance doors, french doors, glazed lantern roofs and flat roof-lights.

Aluminium is the preferred material of astute architects looking for longevity, performance, good looks and superb life-time value for money.


  • Unrivalled design aesthetics
  • Market leading thermal performance
  • Wide choice of colours: white, grey, black or dual colours – grey outside, white inside or black outside, white inside
  • Special RAL colours available
  • 10 year seal and easy clean coating warranty as standard
  • Low energy insulated toughened double glazed as standard
  • Low maintenance, solar control glass options available

A product you can rely on

  • Tested to the latest British Standards
  • Option of ‘Easy Clean’ hinges
  • 25 year window and door paint guarantee
  • Polyamide thermal barrier improving the thermal efficiency of all aluminium products
  • REAL French Doors are available with double locking handles for ease of opening
  • All REAL Bi-folding Doors function on a base roller system giving the ability to retain smooth and easy running on even the larger door
  • No price premium for grey, black, white or grey/white

Don’t compromise on style

  • Unique product design to suit contemporary or traditional style of home
  • Slimmer frames allowing more light into the home and special low-line gasket improves sightlines

Entrance Doors

Complete the transformation of your home with a REAL Aluminium Entrance Door. The REAL Aluminium Entrance Door is a high-performance product suitable for use where a durable and reliable door is needed. Choosing an entrance door from the REAL Aluminium range allows your home to be fully suited with the same personalised style.

As with all products in the REAL Aluminium range, our entrance doors or French doors can be personalised with your choice of hardware and accessories.

French Doors

These stylish yet extremely practical doors create the optimum flow from your home to the garden without the need for a large aperture. Glass panels either side of your REAL Aluminum French Door delivers copious amounts of light flooding into your home.

Low threshold
An optional low threshold is great for doors which are used regularly and creates a flush appearance due to its minimal step over.

Single Front Doors
All front doors can open in or out, left or right, with any arrangement of glass and solid aluminium faced flat panels.

Single Back Doors
All single doors can open in or out, left or right, with any arrangement midrails.

French / Double Doors
All French doors can open in or out, with the master door on the left or right, with any arrangement of midrails.

Bi-folding doors

REAL Aluminium Bi-folding Doors create superior panoramic views all year round from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, conservatory or orangery. By neatly folding and sliding, the REAL Aluminium Bi-folding Doors allow quick and easy access to your garden.

The large panes of glass present unspoilt views of the outside and allow maximum light into your home. The style of your beautifully designed and carefully manufactured bi-folding doors are easily matched to the existing style of your home and provide a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor space.

Bi-fold doors offer a choice of opening configurations to suit your needs:

  • Fold the doors in or out
  • Slide all doors to one side
  • Create a single entrance for easy access and have the remaining doors slide the opposite way
  • Part the doors centrally to create a double door

The REAL Aluminium Bi-folding Doors run on stainless-steel rollers at the base of the frame. This is an important consideration as the entire weight of the bi-folding door is taken by the track and the smooth running of your doors depends on the quality of these rollers.

Thanks to these special rollers even the widest of door combinations can be opened easily without the need for excessive effort. In most instances, it is possible to have integral blinds fitted within your bi-folding doors.

Magnetic door catch

The REAL bi-folding door leaf is held open by a round magnetic catch attached to folding doors, holding the doors open as they fold.

Our four threshold options let you choose from floor to floor flush threshold, right the way through to a traditional step and provides maximum weather rating for extreme conditions. When a flush doorway is required – for example separating two rooms or for wheelchair access – our low threshold options ensure a smooth, unobtrusive transition.

Create a feeling of light and space using an expanse of uninterrupted glass with the REAL Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors.

The technical design of the REAL Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors make them ideal for large-span areas and situations where bi-folding doors may not be so appropriate such as areas exposed to high winds or upper floor apartments.

A Sliding Patio Door will offer you the largest uninterrupted glass area and once open doesn’t take up room on a patio or balcony, or inside the home.

Made-to-measure and fitted to the highest standard, the REAL Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors deliver optimum performance. Tested to the highest industry standards, REAL Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors easily glide with guaranteed reliability. The strong, thermally efficient aluminium frames create dramatic sliding sashes with large glass areas without compromising thermal performance or weather resistance.

Using advanced glass technology and superior insulation to keep your home warm, the REAL Sliding Patio Doors form a thermally efficient glass facade, a wonderful way to flood a space with light and enjoy beautiful views. Available in two, three, four, or six panels, all patio doors are double- or triple-glazed with special sliding mechanisms to enable even the largest sashes to slide open and close smoothly on a double- or triple-track, whatever their size.

Colour Options

Perhaps the most significant benefit for aluminium is the vast colour choice. Aluminium can be coated in any RAL colour using the most up-to-date powder coating processes.

Long-lasting colour – guaranteed

All powder coated components are colour guaranteed for ten years. Powder-coating provides one of the most durable finishes available for windows, doors and roofs. The high quality colour process won’t discolour, rust or peel, giving it an attractive appearance for longer. REAL Aluminium is even available with a ‘marine grade’ finish for those who live near the sea.

Single or dual colour

White continues to be the most popular choice for any window but with the introduction of bi-folding doors and lantern roofs, homeowners are looking for a more flexible colour combination. An anthracite grey outside, white inside dual colour option allows you to keep the inside of your home a vibrant white, whilst creating a modern look to the external features of your home.

Self-cleaning glass

For those places harder to reach such as conservatory roofs or upper-floor windows, self-cleaning coating is ideal. These use ultraviolet light to decompose organic materials and rain to wash them off. You’ll appreciate the special self-clean coating with a microscopic film which helps daylight and rainwater breakdown and wash away dirt and grime.

The self-cleaning technology uses both rain and UV light from the sun to efficiently combat dirt and grime that accumulates on the outside of the window glass, resulting in the need for manual cleaning being significantly reduced. Self-cleaning glass provides the ideal solution to cleaning those hard-to-reach or dangerous areas.

Handles and accessories

When creating a beautiful and stylish home, details are everything. The handles and accessories available throughout the REAL Aluminium range offer every home a matching suite of high quality products.

Achieve optimum energy efficiency

Making your room an all-year-round living space… The goal is to let visible light in, whilst keeping solar heat out in the summer and radiant heat in during the winter. Increasing comfort and offering energy savings for the home.

With energy bills rising, thermal efficiency remains the number one priority when making home improvements. Loss of heat from inefficient windows, doors and roofs plays a major part in the comfort or usability of living spaces (especially orangeries and extensions) and can result in high energy costs.

Designed and engineered with performance in mind, REAL Aluminium’s thermal performance allows for superior thermal efficiency.

Security and safety features

It will come as no surprise that the REAL Aluminium windows and doors incorporate many security features as standard and will defend your home against the most determined intruder.

All windows and doors within the REAL Aluminium range are independently tested by BSI for critical aspects of security. Hinges, locks, handles and glazing are all checked not just once but time and time again for consistency and quality. In addition to security, a BSI Kitemark proves a product has been tested on an ongoing basis to make sure that standards do not slip or change over time. The REAL Aluminium range has been rigorously tested, proving they keep the wind and rain at bay; an important consideration for windows and doors in the UK.

The enhanced security multi-point locking systems designed, developed and tested in the UK to deliver the highest levels of performance, offer homeowners security and peace of mind. Each lock features a combination of hooks and anti-lift bolts for greater security. Windows have added protection to strengthen hinges. High-security hinge guards are available on all REAL Aluminium windows and doors for added security.

So, in the unlikely event of an intruder attacking the hinges rather than the locks, these devices prevent the door or window from being pushed/pulled open. This is particularly valuable on open-out doors as the hinges are on the outside. Keep your family safe with restrictor hinges to prevent risk of falls. Allowing the window to open only partially is important for a child’s room or low-level windows. These hinges have an override to allow full opening in an emergency.

Externally beaded windows… no worries for security!

Beads are retained with a special gasket and security lip that makes it virtually impossible to remove beads from outside. Aluminium is a rigid structure making it extremely difficult to remove the bead .

Building Regulations

To sell your home in the future, you must be able to demonstrate that your windows, doors and roofs satisfy Building Regulations by producing a certificate of compliance either from an approved installer or your Local Authority Building Control Department. All professionally installed REAL Aluminium windows, doors and lantern roofs comply with Building Regulations requirements for new build, replacement and refurbishment projects.